Hermit Crab Swap

Scruffy Pup loves to watch crabs on the beach, especially hermit crabs! Hermit crabs eventually get too big for their shell and have to get a new one, sometimes one that another hermit crab left....but could Scruffy Pup also do this?!


April Showers Bring (April) Coloring Pages?!

Somehow I haven’t made an April showers joke that I can find in past coloring page posts?!…Anyhow! This month’s coloring pages have a rainy theme for some of our pup friends. If it’s too rainy or stormy outside, staying inside to color Princess Pups is much better! 🙂

Both of this month’s coloring pages started as wee little pencil doodles in the small 4×4-ish sketchbook that I keep in my bag when I go out. The first one features Corgi Pup and Scruffy Pup out in the rainy weather. Corgi Pup is super prepped with her umbrella, boots and super-cute rain slicker. But Scruffy Pup seems to be treating her umbrella like a small boat?…

Corgi Pup is wondering why Scruffy Pup has her umbrella upside-down…

I really like how the sketch for this month’s second coloring page turned out. I was able to snap a picture of it with my phone, drop it into Clip Studio Pro, and ink right on top! That doesn’t always happen because I tend to change my mind on my rough sketches or make them too rough to ink from without some tighter pencils. But I managed to nail what I wanted with my sketch of Pug Pup on a log with frogs! I did change one small frog to be peeping past Pug Pup’s ears a bit different when I inked it, but that was a tiny change for the better.

Pug Pup on a Log with Frogs in a Bog without Smog

Here’s a timelapse of my drawing of Pug Pup and her froggy pals. And remember you can download these pages and a pile more over on the Coloring Pages section to keep you entertained on rainy days!

Lucky Bunnies and Flower Chains to Color?!

It’s March! It’s trying to be spring again! And this year, St. Patrick’s Day is in the same month as Easter…which seemed like a good jumping off point for a new coloring page! Fluff Pup loves to make fabric items like blankets and hats. She wants to help bunnies dress the part for St. Patrick’s Day this year! Fluff Pup makes sure that these bunnies have cute hats, ties, the works!

Fluff Pup works diligently on creating leprechaun outfits for some bunnies!

For this month’s second coloring pages, Corgi Pup and TeaCup Pup have found lots of spring time flowers. And they’ve made lovely crowns and necklaces with them! Corgi Pup seems extra pleased with her flowery adornments.

Corgi Pup and TeaCup Pup trade their usual crowns for flower ones!

Both of these pages started as wee physical sketchbook doodles and I’m delighted how they turned out. Here’s a time lapse for the flowers page. See if you can spot when I decided to make the flowers bigger. As always, you can download big stacks of coloring pages over here!

Spread Coloring Love!

Just like that, it’s suddenly February?! My kid still has Christmas candy (and Halloween, oops!) but I wanna buy him Valentine chocolates too! There’s more heart-shaped silly sweetness to be had with this month’s coloring pages. Although the first one is a bit on the messy side. It seems Pug Pup has a rather large box of chocolates and some of it ended up on her head?! It leaves TeaCup Pup rather startled!

Pug Pup ate a GIANT chocolate but missed the cherry that was on it.

For the second coloring page, I had some trouble deciding on what it should look like, but I knew Scruffy Pup should bring some lovey gifts to one of the Commando Cats. In one of the earliest Princess Pups shorts, the Pups track down Pug Pup’s missing Valentines to find out that one of the Commando Cats took them – because he had none! But this year, Scruffy Pup is bringing that poor kitty multiple Valentine goodies right on time!

That fluffy Commando Cat feels so loved!

Like I mentioned, I had some challenges with this page because it felt like something was missing. Originally, I had Scruffy Pup just sitting and handing presents to the Commando Cat. I realized it would be more fun if Scruffy Pup was dressed as cupid and floating! Magic! You can see the old sketch in this month’s timelapse video, where I yank my sketch of Scruffy Pup into the air and change it up. There’s even a tiny doodle of the new idea when I think of it. Magic again!

As usual, you’ll find these coloring pages and lots more (including past Valentine themed ones!) over in the coloring page section!

Cold? Stay Inside and Color!

It’s a new year with cold January weather! My area has recently had super-cold weather with wind chills that were dangerous. Anytime it gets event slightly cold, I want to stay inside with a warm drink and a book. Or crochet, like Fluff Pup is doing in this month’s first coloring page! TeaCup Pup and Corgi Pup are too impatient to wait for the blanket to be finished before they start to use it though.

Fluff Pup has to make the blanket bigger if any other pups decide to crawl under before it’s done!

We also sorta had snow? But not as much to build a big snowman with…which is why the other coloring pages features all the pups chipping in to build a snowman! All the pups are lending a paw, although maybe Pug Pup needs to be informed the carrot is meant to stay on the snowman face instead of being eaten?

It’s a team effort to build this snowman!

I roughed out both of these coloring page ideas in a tiny sketchbook I’ve started to leave in my bag when I go out, in case I end up with idle time and get a good drawing idea. I snapped a picture of the page and ported over the sketches to help with laying out the illustrations. You can see this happening in the first few seconds of this month’s Time Lapse as I move around chunks of sketch references while drawing! Be sure to grab these and all sorts of other coloring pages to fill your time while you stay safe and warm!