Hermit Crab Swap

Scruffy Pup loves to watch crabs on the beach, especially hermit crabs! Hermit crabs eventually get too big for their shell and have to get a new one, sometimes one that another hermit crab left....but could Scruffy Pup also do this?!


Wintery Holiday Coloring!

Time for another month’s edition of coloring pages! It’s cold and I don’t have enough big sweaters! Or maybe I do but I just still feel cold. Corgi Pup has the same feelings as me, which is why drawing her in so many layers made perfect sense! This coloring page is based on one of my favorite comics that I’ve drawn.

Corgi Pup feels so cozy when she has on so many layers in winter!

The Space Pups recent appearance in the Mech Mishap storyline made me think about how they would celebrate Christmas and decorating for it. Their planet doesn’t really have pine trees though…so maybe they’d decorate a small rocket ship instead? Since they have jet packs, they don’t have any trouble decorating up to the top or adding a space-themed topper!

The Space Pups take such care in decorating their Christmas Rocket!

For this month’s timelapse, here’s Corgi Pup getting all layered up! As always, you can find these and other stacks of coloring pages to keep you occupied in cozy sweaters over in the Coloring Pages section.

Fall Harvest Coloring Pages

I’m still getting pumpkin everything while I still can (including pumpkin scones). During some of our fall-themed activities, we visited a local farmer’s market that had so so so SO many gourds. Gourds are pretty weird looking, which made them excellent fodder for a new Princess Pups coloring page! Corgi Pup is trying to balance a wee pumpkin on her nose while Scruffy Pup and TeaCup pup examine other gourds!

Coloring page image of Corgi Pup, Scruffy Pup, and TeaCup Pup in a group of gourds. Corgi Pup is standing on a cinderella pumpkin while Scruffy Pup examines it. TeaCup Pup is between two goosebump gourds.
Goosebump gourds, long gourds, small gourds…

The farmer’s market also had all sorts of snacks, including the delightful candy apples! I thought it only right that Fluff Pup and Pug Pup got to enjoy candy apples on the other coloring page. Pug Pup has even been known to make candy apples in the past…

Coloring Page of Fluff Pup and Pug Pup both eating candy apples.
Extra sprinkles on all candy apples, please!

You can find these and other fall and non-fall related coloring pages over in the coloring pages section! For this month’s time lapse, here’s the many directions that the gourds coloring page took! The cinderella pumpking that Corgi Pup is balancing on had to be just the right size.

Pumpkin Coloring Pals!

It’s October and pumpkins galore! We’ve got our piles of Halloween decorations out and I’ve already had too many pumpkin scones (and intend to have more). This month for my coloring pages, I’ve got two pumpkiny, Jack-o’-lantern themed coloring pages for you to enjoy while drinking your favorite autumn drink.

In the first page, Teacup Pup is putting the finishing touches on her Jack-o’-lantern, which is bigger than she is! She’s just gotta figure out how to get that candle inside before she tumbles off…

Teacup Pup knowing to use caution when putting the candle into a Jack-o’-lantern

For this month’s other page, I drew Jack-o’-lantern versions of all the pups! This one was a bit of a challenge but a lot of fun. I got a bit creative for the pups with fluffy ears and used vines and leaves as part of their design! And Corgi Pup is a lumpy gourd to get closer to her head shape.

Look at all the Pup-kins!

Since the pups as Halloween decorations was so different, it’s this month’s timelapse! I made several changes on the fly when I was inking it, see if you can spot them. 🙂 Be sure to check the Coloring Pages section for these pages plus other Halloweenie coloring pages from Halloweens past!

Birthday Month Means Cakes to Color!

It’s my birthday month and as I’ve done once it the past, I made some fresh coloring pages with the Princess Pups enjoying birthday baked goodies!

Our house is currently going through a kitchen remodel that leaves us with no sink, so birthday cake for this year will be acquired from a local bakery instead of making at home. But the pups don’t have a kitchen remodel which gives Fluff Pup, Corgi Pup and Scruffy Pup the room to make and decorate a three-level cake! (Scruffy Pup is helping by testing the frosting, y’know?)

A coloring page of Fluff Pup, Corgi Pup, and Scruffy Pup at a table with a 3 tiered birthday cake. All the pups are wearing party hats. Fluff Pup and Corgi Pup are adding frosting using frosting tubes while sitting on the table as Scruffy Pup uses a toe from her front paw to sneak some frosting to eat.
It’s important to wear proper birthday hats while decorating birthday cakes!

Meanwhile, as TeaCup Pup was making some Birthday Cupcakes, it seems that Pug Pup got stuck in a giant cupcake? At that point, is it still a cupcake or a very round and domed cake? Pug Pup has also exchanged having a party hat for a very large strawberry!

TeaCup Pup wondering just how Pug Pup got into a giant cupcake without breaking it

As a timelapse for this month, here’s the cake decorating page! You can see how indecisive I was about where to put Fluff Pup as she helps decorate a giant 3 layer cake with Corgi Pup – I originally thought it would make sense if she was behind the cake, but then that seemed too awkward to me. And during the inks, I decided the cake needed a frosting bow instead of a flower one. I don’t know how to make either of these on a real cake, but can draw them for sure!

Be sure to visit the Coloring Pages section to download these new pages plus so many more for all your coloring needs!