Cold? Stay Inside and Color!

It’s a new year with cold January weather! My area has recently had super-cold weather with wind chills that were dangerous. Anytime it gets event slightly cold, I want to stay inside with a warm drink and a book. Or crochet, like Fluff Pup is doing in this month’s first coloring page! TeaCup Pup and Corgi Pup are too impatient to wait for the blanket to be finished before they start to use it though.

Fluff Pup has to make the blanket bigger if any other pups decide to crawl under before it’s done!

We also sorta had snow? But not as much to build a big snowman with…which is why the other coloring pages features all the pups chipping in to build a snowman! All the pups are lending a paw, although maybe Pug Pup needs to be informed the carrot is meant to stay on the snowman face instead of being eaten?

It’s a team effort to build this snowman!

I roughed out both of these coloring page ideas in a tiny sketchbook I’ve started to leave in my bag when I go out, in case I end up with idle time and get a good drawing idea. I snapped a picture of the page and ported over the sketches to help with laying out the illustrations. You can see this happening in the first few seconds of this month’s Time Lapse as I move around chunks of sketch references while drawing! Be sure to grab these and all sorts of other coloring pages to fill your time while you stay safe and warm!