Wintery Holiday Coloring!

Time for another month’s edition of coloring pages! It’s cold and I don’t have enough big sweaters! Or maybe I do but I just still feel cold. Corgi Pup has the same feelings as me, which is why drawing her in so many layers made perfect sense! This coloring page is based on one of my favorite comics that I’ve drawn.

Corgi Pup feels so cozy when she has on so many layers in winter!

The Space Pups recent appearance in the Mech Mishap storyline made me think about how they would celebrate Christmas and decorating for it. Their planet doesn’t really have pine trees though…so maybe they’d decorate a small rocket ship instead? Since they have jet packs, they don’t have any trouble decorating up to the top or adding a space-themed topper!

The Space Pups take such care in decorating their Christmas Rocket!

For this month’s timelapse, here’s Corgi Pup getting all layered up! As always, you can find these and other stacks of coloring pages to keep you occupied in cozy sweaters over in the Coloring Pages section.