Fall Harvest Coloring Pages

I’m still getting pumpkin everything while I still can (including pumpkin scones). During some of our fall-themed activities, we visited a local farmer’s market that had so so so SO many gourds. Gourds are pretty weird looking, which made them excellent fodder for a new Princess Pups coloring page! Corgi Pup is trying to balance a wee pumpkin on her nose while Scruffy Pup and TeaCup pup examine other gourds!

Coloring page image of Corgi Pup, Scruffy Pup, and TeaCup Pup in a group of gourds. Corgi Pup is standing on a cinderella pumpkin while Scruffy Pup examines it. TeaCup Pup is between two goosebump gourds.
Goosebump gourds, long gourds, small gourds…

The farmer’s market also had all sorts of snacks, including the delightful candy apples! I thought it only right that Fluff Pup and Pug Pup got to enjoy candy apples on the other coloring page. Pug Pup has even been known to make candy apples in the past…

Coloring Page of Fluff Pup and Pug Pup both eating candy apples.
Extra sprinkles on all candy apples, please!

You can find these and other fall and non-fall related coloring pages over in the coloring pages section! For this month’s time lapse, here’s the many directions that the gourds coloring page took! The cinderella pumpking that Corgi Pup is balancing on had to be just the right size.