Pumpkin Coloring Pals!

It’s October and pumpkins galore! We’ve got our piles of Halloween decorations out and I’ve already had too many pumpkin scones (and intend to have more). This month for my coloring pages, I’ve got two pumpkiny, Jack-o’-lantern themed coloring pages for you to enjoy while drinking your favorite autumn drink.

In the first page, Teacup Pup is putting the finishing touches on her Jack-o’-lantern, which is bigger than she is! She’s just gotta figure out how to get that candle inside before she tumbles off…

Teacup Pup knowing to use caution when putting the candle into a Jack-o’-lantern

For this month’s other page, I drew Jack-o’-lantern versions of all the pups! This one was a bit of a challenge but a lot of fun. I got a bit creative for the pups with fluffy ears and used vines and leaves as part of their design! And Corgi Pup is a lumpy gourd to get closer to her head shape.

Look at all the Pup-kins!

Since the pups as Halloween decorations was so different, it’s this month’s timelapse! I made several changes on the fly when I was inking it, see if you can spot them. 🙂 Be sure to check the Coloring Pages section for these pages plus other Halloweenie coloring pages from Halloweens past!