Birthday Month Means Cakes to Color!

It’s my birthday month and as I’ve done once it the past, I made some fresh coloring pages with the Princess Pups enjoying birthday baked goodies!

Our house is currently going through a kitchen remodel that leaves us with no sink, so birthday cake for this year will be acquired from a local bakery instead of making at home. But the pups don’t have a kitchen remodel which gives Fluff Pup, Corgi Pup and Scruffy Pup the room to make and decorate a three-level cake! (Scruffy Pup is helping by testing the frosting, y’know?)

A coloring page of Fluff Pup, Corgi Pup, and Scruffy Pup at a table with a 3 tiered birthday cake. All the pups are wearing party hats. Fluff Pup and Corgi Pup are adding frosting using frosting tubes while sitting on the table as Scruffy Pup uses a toe from her front paw to sneak some frosting to eat.
It’s important to wear proper birthday hats while decorating birthday cakes!

Meanwhile, as TeaCup Pup was making some Birthday Cupcakes, it seems that Pug Pup got stuck in a giant cupcake? At that point, is it still a cupcake or a very round and domed cake? Pug Pup has also exchanged having a party hat for a very large strawberry!

TeaCup Pup wondering just how Pug Pup got into a giant cupcake without breaking it

As a timelapse for this month, here’s the cake decorating page! You can see how indecisive I was about where to put Fluff Pup as she helps decorate a giant 3 layer cake with Corgi Pup – I originally thought it would make sense if she was behind the cake, but then that seemed too awkward to me. And during the inks, I decided the cake needed a frosting bow instead of a flower one. I don’t know how to make either of these on a real cake, but can draw them for sure!

Be sure to visit the Coloring Pages section to download these new pages plus so many more for all your coloring needs!