Safari Animal Pals Coloring!

It’s been too hot where I live and I also visited a lot of animals recently at various places! It made me think of how fun it would be for the Princess Pups to go on a safari adventure, which made for a great theme for this month’s coloring pages! Plus, it meant I got to draw the pups in safari vests and hats!

In this month’s first coloring page, TeaCup Pup, Scruffy Pup, and Corgi Pup are visiting a baby giraffe! They also are feeding it, which I got to do with my kiddo a few weeks ago at our zoo in St. Louis! (The name of one of the giraffes we fed was Honey, she was so cute!) Corgi Pup is quite astounded at the height of the baby giraffe that TeaCup Pup and Scruffy Pup are feeding a giant lettuce leaf.

A coloring page of TeaCup Pup, Scruffy Pup, and Corgi Pup in safari outfits. TeaCup Pup is standing on Scruffy Pup's back to hold up a stick with a leaf of lettuce to a baby giraffe.
Corgi Pup wondering what it would be like to be a baby with such height.

Another animal event I had recently was feeding parakeets, which lead to drawing Fluff Pup and Pug Pup visiting various birdies that may or may not be parakeets? I kinda…winged it a bit on the bird anatomy (see what I did there?) While Fluff Pup is happy to stay on the ground and observe with binoculars, Pug Pup seems to be wanting to get extra close!

Pug Pup might make that branch break if she’s not careful!

Here’s a timelapse for the pups and the baby giraffe coloring page. I found myself adjusting the legs of the giraffe a few times over! If you need more coloring pages, be sure to visit the Coloring Pages section to grab previous sheets!