Flowers and Froggys to Color?!

Last month I got sidetracked from making coloring pages by strep throat! I don’t recommend it, so don’t let allergies build up irritation that allowes for strep! Instead, have your flowers in the form of…Scruffy Pup dressed up as a giant flower?

Scruffy Pup working her hardest to be the best potted flower in the garden

Meanwhile, we got enough rain to assume that frogs were comfy where I live which made me think that Pug Pup might try to have a staring contest with a frog. Or maybe she might just like to stare at one. Either way, you could color it!

Pug Pup staring in awe at a majestic froggy

If you need more coloring pages, you can always head over to the Coloring Pages section to download to your heart’s content!

This month’s timelapse of the first coloring page is below! I originally doodled the idea in my sketchbook but recreated it later in the Clip Studio.