It’s Spring, Color a Kite (And Pups!)

It’s trying to be spring! Which means if it stops being 40 degrees outside where I live, I could fly a kite! But since I also don’t have a kite, instead I drew the Princess Pups on a kite flying adventure as one of this month’s coloring pages!

Some of the pups know how to fly a kite well enough

For this month’s second coloring page, I took some of the reference art that I created for the Puppy Mech from the current storyline and cleaned it up for prime coloring fun! Last month’s coloring page using the cover art lacks the lumpy puppy mech feet because they’re behind the Princess Pups. These feet are a delight and need to be colored by you!

The Puppy Mech that Corgi Pup discovers in Mega Mech Mishap!

Be sure to visit the coloring pages section to grab these new pages and any other coloring pages you might have missed for all those windy days that would just eat your kite anyway 🙂

I also did a swell time lapse of the kite flying coloring page! You’ll see more than one color while inking here because I was trying to keep from getting lost in some separate layering I did. Sometimes I get distracted and check how far along the time lapse is as I work on it. But overall, I really like this feature of Clip Studio Pro!