It’s Spring, Color a Kite (And Pups!)

It’s trying to be spring! Which means if it stops being 40 degrees outside where I live, I could fly a kite! But since I also don’t have a kite, instead I drew the Princess Pups on a kite flying adventure as one of this month’s coloring pages!

Some of the pups know how to fly a kite well enough

For this month’s second coloring page, I took some of the reference art that I created for the Puppy Mech from the current storyline and cleaned it up for prime coloring fun! Last month’s coloring page using the cover art lacks the lumpy puppy mech feet because they’re behind the Princess Pups. These feet are a delight and need to be colored by you!

The Puppy Mech that Corgi Pup discovers in Mega Mech Mishap!

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I also did a swell time lapse of the kite flying coloring page! You’ll see more than one color while inking here because I was trying to keep from getting lost in some separate layering I did. Sometimes I get distracted and check how far along the time lapse is as I work on it. But overall, I really like this feature of Clip Studio Pro!

Space Based Coloring Pages?!

Dang, January is gone! It’s February which always makes me think of space adventures! And maybe chocolate too? This month’s got a special space themed treat for my latest coloring pages! First up, the Space Pups make their coloring pages debut, high-fiving in zero gravity.

Spacey siblings Star Pup and Moon Pup give each other floaty high-fives!

I’m also excited to start working on a longer Princess Pups story that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time! I’m so excited that I’m leaking the line art for the cover page as a coloring page just for you! In the Princess Pups’ next big adventure, they encounter…a mech?!? This story will be at least 16 pages and focus on our good friend Corgi Pup. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of my mini-comic length storylines and I’m not going to hold back on the robo mech goodness!

The lineart for the cover of Mega Mech Mishap, ready for your coloring input!

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On top of that, I’ve updated my settings in Clip Studio Pro (the program where I draw my comics and digital art) to save timelapse recordings as I work. They look really neat! Here’s a 15 second timelapse of the Space Pups coloring page from initial rough sketch to final line art!

Christmas Coloring Coziness!

November went by really fast! Here’s some cozy Christmas Coloring Pages to make up for missing out on November coloring pages! First off is the super cute Pug Pup saying hello to a familiar reindeer!

Pug Pup loves to wave at reindeer!

I actually did a rough ballpoint pen doodle of this idea in my notebook and think it translated to a final coloring page very well!

The rough idea, drawn with a cat-faced ballpoint pen

This month’s other coloring page that’s also Christmas themed features Fluff Pup and Teacup Pup enjoying a GIANT candy cane! However, Fluff Pup is a bit taller than Teacup Pup and this throws off the balance of sharing such a large candy cane.

Teacup Pup will cling to a candy cane with great ferocity!

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Coloring Page Process?!

There are new coloring pages available for you to save and color! But how do they get made? Here’s a quick sketch comparison blog post, just for you!

First, up is Teacup Pup and Pug Pup hanging out:

Teacup Pup is so much smaller but loves to sing!

This color page actually came about from a doodle session in my physical sketchbook. The comic is drawn digitally, but I find that I can brainstorm and sketch best on a sketchbook with a pencil in my hand. You might spot another currently available coloring page in sketch form on the page as well!

A chunk of sketchbook coloring ideas, including the one that lead to a recent coloring page!

Meanwhile, the other new coloring page idea actually showed up digitally when I was working on the Symphony comic. Scruffy Pup uses a sousaphone, which are a bit tricky to draw. So I sketched it out in my digital comic file to use as a reference.

A layer hiding within my pencil layers held a rough sketch of Scruffy Pup with a sousaphone that I used while drawing the other 4 panels of the comic.

Scruffy Pup just looked so proud with that sousaphone, it made sense to copy over that reference sketch to make a coloring page of it!

A reference sketch turned coloring page!

So far, the sousaphone drawing is the only one to crop up unexpectedly asking to become a coloring page. But maybe I’ll have more of these surprise coloring page ideas in the future.