Lucky Bunnies and Flower Chains to Color?!

It’s March! It’s trying to be spring again! And this year, St. Patrick’s Day is in the same month as Easter…which seemed like a good jumping off point for a new coloring page! Fluff Pup loves to make fabric items like blankets and hats. She wants to help bunnies dress the part for St. Patrick’s Day this year! Fluff Pup makes sure that these bunnies have cute hats, ties, the works!

Fluff Pup works diligently on creating leprechaun outfits for some bunnies!

For this month’s second coloring pages, Corgi Pup and TeaCup Pup have found lots of spring time flowers. And they’ve made lovely crowns and necklaces with them! Corgi Pup seems extra pleased with her flowery adornments.

Corgi Pup and TeaCup Pup trade their usual crowns for flower ones!

Both of these pages started as wee physical sketchbook doodles and I’m delighted how they turned out. Here’s a time lapse for the flowers page. See if you can spot when I decided to make the flowers bigger. As always, you can download big stacks of coloring pages over here!