April Showers Bring (April) Coloring Pages?!

Somehow I haven’t made an April showers joke that I can find in past coloring page posts?!…Anyhow! This month’s coloring pages have a rainy theme for some of our pup friends. If it’s too rainy or stormy outside, staying inside to color Princess Pups is much better! 🙂

Both of this month’s coloring pages started as wee little pencil doodles in the small 4×4-ish sketchbook that I keep in my bag when I go out. The first one features Corgi Pup and Scruffy Pup out in the rainy weather. Corgi Pup is super prepped with her umbrella, boots and super-cute rain slicker. But Scruffy Pup seems to be treating her umbrella like a small boat?…

Corgi Pup is wondering why Scruffy Pup has her umbrella upside-down…

I really like how the sketch for this month’s second coloring page turned out. I was able to snap a picture of it with my phone, drop it into Clip Studio Pro, and ink right on top! That doesn’t always happen because I tend to change my mind on my rough sketches or make them too rough to ink from without some tighter pencils. But I managed to nail what I wanted with my sketch of Pug Pup on a log with frogs! I did change one small frog to be peeping past Pug Pup’s ears a bit different when I inked it, but that was a tiny change for the better.

Pug Pup on a Log with Frogs in a Bog without Smog

Here’s a timelapse of my drawing of Pug Pup and her froggy pals. And remember you can download these pages and a pile more over on the Coloring Pages section to keep you entertained on rainy days!