Spring into Coloring!

I’m super tired of the weather where I live going from cold in the morning to vaguely warmer in the afternoon or maybe super hot…so I eagerly await spring! Perhaps if we color some Princess Pups coloring pages that are springy themed, the seasons will shift over faster? Let’s find out!

A coloring page image of TeaCup Pup inside a large bouquet of flowers. The flowers are in a paper wrap that is tied with a bow. There's a variety of flowers with TeaCup Pup smiling in the middle of them.
A bouquet of flowers with TeaCup Pup hiding in it!

I got the idea for drawing a lot of flowers while coloring in my nice new copy of Easy Coloring by fellow art friend Josh Dunbar. Josh’s book has a variety of fun images to color and the flower imagery made me want to draw TeaCup Pup in a giant bouquet!

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day so you also get Cori Pup and Scruffy Pup decked out for the holiday! Poor Corgi Pup doesn’t realize that the pot-of-gold she’s in contains money and not chocolate coins.

A coloring page image of Scruffy Pup dressed in a St. Patrick's Day themed outfit including a large hat. A pot of gold is behind her and Corgi Pup is sticking out, biting into one of the gold coins. She is also in a St. Patrick's outfit with a large hat. Two four-leaf clovers are on the ground nearby
Corgi Pup doesn’t realize that the gold coins in the pot-of-gold aren’t candy.

I’m also making plans to collect the existing Princess Pups coloring pages into a formal book, including extra activities like mazes, look-n-finds, and more! I’ll post more when it’s closer to being released. 🙂