Portrait Painting

Portrait painting is quite a skill! So is being able to sit still for a portrait painting. Because you could be spending that time eating snacks, y'know?


Space Based Coloring Pages?!

Dang, January is gone! It’s February which always makes me think of space adventures! And maybe chocolate too? This month’s got a special space themed treat for my latest coloring pages! First up, the Space Pups make their coloring pages debut, high-fiving in zero gravity.

Spacey siblings Star Pup and Moon Pup give each other floaty high-fives!

I’m also excited to start working on a longer Princess Pups story that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time! I’m so excited that I’m leaking the line art for the cover page as a coloring page just for you! In the Princess Pups’ next big adventure, they encounter…a mech?!? This story will be at least 16 pages and focus on our good friend Corgi Pup. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of my mini-comic length storylines and I’m not going to hold back on the robo mech goodness!

The lineart for the cover of Mega Mech Mishap, ready for your coloring input!

Make sure to download these and other rad coloring pages for your chill coloring time over in the coloring pages section!

On top of that, I’ve updated my settings in Clip Studio Pro (the program where I draw my comics and digital art) to save timelapse recordings as I work. They look really neat! Here’s a 15 second timelapse of the Space Pups coloring page from initial rough sketch to final line art!

Plushie Themed Coloring Goodness!

New month, New Year, and also new Princess Pups coloring pages for you to enjoy!

This month, I asked my kiddo what would be a good coloring page. He gave me the idea to have the pups playing with plushie versions of themselves based on a cover I did for the first Princess Pups Minis comic that I collected!

I’m still not entirely sure why I drew them all staring at smaller plush versions of themselves when I didn’t have a comic involving plush versions of the Pups going into the collection…but that’s another story!

Since Valentine’s Day is next month, the first coloring page has TeaCup Pup giving Fluff Pup an early Valentine plushie present! Fluff Pup looks pleased as punch!

TeaCup Pup uses her magic scepter to summon a swell plush Fluff Pup!

In this month’s other coloring page, Corgi Pup, Pug Pup, and Scruffy Pup are also all enjoying plushies! However…Scruffy Pup seems to have a goat plushie instead of a pup plushie!

Scruffy Pup, Corgi Pup and Pug Pup enjoy plushie party time too!

You can nab these and TONS of other coloring pages over in the Coloring Pages section of the site!

Cookie Based Coloring Fun!

The month (and year!) are almost over, but there’s still time to enjoy coloring! This month’s coloring pages are cookie themed just like the most recent comic! While Fluff Pup didn’t get a chance to decorate cookies shaped like her and the other pups, you’re able to via your favorite coloring instrument!

A coloring sheet to download and print. There's five puppy shaped cookies with various frosting and sprinkle patterns
A cookie for each pup and a pup for each cookie!

In the other coloring page I drew for this month, we have Scruffy Pup going all out with her decorating. She’s probably only going to decorate two cookies total since she seems to be using up all of the frosting. TeaCup Pup is a big aghast at this, it seems!

A coloring sheet to download and print. Scruffy Pup wears a chef's hat while squeezing frosting onto a cookie. It's a giant stack of frosting and there's a star shaped cookie nearby that also has a giant stack of frosting. Behind her, TeaCup Pup looks aghast at this amount of frosting on a cookie
Scruffy Pup putting the amount of frosting on that we all actually want on a cookie

You can print these coloring pages now and a stack of other ones from the Coloring Pages section!

Catching Snowflakes and Coloring Pages!

It’s colder outside! Or reasonably so! That means you should stay inside and color cozy coloring pages that contain Princess Pups enjoying hot beverages and snowy weather! In the most recent comic, some of the pups were getting into hot chocolate. So for one of the coloring pages this month, we’ve got all five pups enjoying some hot drink goodness! Could be hot chocolate, could be tea, could be whatever you want to color in those mugs!

Don’t worry, they let the hot drinks cool before sticking their puppy dog tongues in the mugs!

This month’s other coloring page has the pups outside trying to catch snowflakes! They’re in some winter gear, which can be tricky for someone like Corgi Pup to get into with her stubby legs. She’s determined to get outside with a cozy sweater on though! This page is landscape and is formatted to print sideways for you!

Both of these coloring pages, along with cozy coloring pages of seasons past, are available in the Coloring Pages section of the site!

They might need to be on a greeting card with the cuteness happening here!