Hermit Crab Swap

Scruffy Pup loves to watch crabs on the beach, especially hermit crabs! Hermit crabs eventually get too big for their shell and have to get a new one, sometimes one that another hermit crab left....but could Scruffy Pup also do this?!


“Laser Ponies: 2nd Edition” nominated for Best Family Game!

Last year, I illustrated the cover and lots of interior drawings for “Laser Ponies: 2nd Edition”. Laser Ponies is a tabletop RPG where you play as magical, happy ponies who have tons of adventures…and also can shoot lasers out of their eyes.

Doing artwork for this new edition was super fun, and now it’s been nominated for an Ennie award for Best Family Game!

If you enjoy reading Princess Pups and enjoy Table Top games, you’ll probably really enjoy Laser Ponies! It has background on the ponies, their powers, sample ponies so new players can start playing quickly, and advice for adjusting the game for younger players.

You can buy a copy of Laser Ponies as either a PDF or a lovely softcover print edition over on DriveThruRPG! And if you’ve enjoyed the game, voting for the Ennies is open now until July 24th!

A Laser Pony giving a fish peeping out of the river a flower
A happy Laser Pony giving a fish peeping out of the river a flower

Hooray! Princess Pups Coloring Party is available now!

I mentioned it some months ago, but it’s finally finished! I spent June assembling the new print edition collection of Princess Pups coloring pages, and it looks awesome!

The cover of Princess Pups Coloring Party

This printed edition collects over 30 Princess Pups coloring pages that have been published online (without the URL stamp!). Not only that, I also drew several new pages of activities. Here’s a sneak preview of two of the activity pages:

A sneak peek at one of the Spot the Different pages and a maze!

Plus, I made the cover line art available as a coloring page as well! I’ll be releasing that page on the website later this month with a new coloring page. In the meantime, if you don’t want to spend forever printing each page from the Coloring Pages section, please considering buying a copy of Princess Pups Coloring Party! I’m very proud of it and excited for you to enjoy it. 🙂

Beach and Pizza, Please (for coloring!)

It’s almost summer! I live nowhere near a beach unfortunately, but I did get to visit one last month when I went to a good friend’s wedding. For one of this month’s coloring pages, Fluff Pup, Teacup Pup, and Pug Pup are relaxing on a cozy beach towel! As a side note: If you’re printing these, this page is linked to a rotated page so it will print the full image since this is a horizontal based image!

Three of the pups relax on a beach towel enjoying the sun! And some ice cream, in Pug Pup’s case

This month’s second coloring page is pulled from the line art from the Princess Pups storyline “Pizza Party”. My cover and the start of the story can be read right over here! I enjoyed drawing that story because sending pups to separate locations to find ingredients made for some fun locations to draw!

These and other coloring pages are filling up the Coloring Pages section of the site!

More Flowers to Color, Easter Egg Coloring Delight!

This month’s coloring pages have flowers again, but not as many. Because the flowers are being eaten by Pug Pup and a merry little goat! Apparently, Pug Pup saw a goat eating flowers and decided she needed to give them a taste test?…

Pug Pup has eaten many flowers, maybe more than the goat expected her to have eaten.

Easter is coming up! I didn’t grow up decorating eggs very much, but we did some egg decorating last year and plan to do some this year as well. Fluff Pup and Scruffy Pup are having fun decorating eggs in this month’s other coloring page. It seems one of the eggs had a surprise?

So many eggs, so little time!

As always, you can find these and a growing pile of other downloadable and printable coloring pages in the Coloring Pages section of the site!