Portrait Painting

Portrait painting is quite a skill! So is being able to sit still for a portrait painting. Because you could be spending that time eating snacks, y'know?


Beach Friends Coloring Fun!

It’s summer! The pups have gone to the beach again for coloring goodness! And because it’s the coloring ideas that popped out of my sketchbook doodles saying “Yes! Draw these ideas!” 🙂 This month’s first coloring page features Corgi Pup, Fluff Pup and TeaCup Pup hanging out with a sea lion! They all want to learn how to balance a ball on their nose, but they each have a different range of size that they’re practicing with!

Corgi Pup, Fluff Pup and TeaCup Pup learn to balance a ball from a sea lion!

Meanwhile, Scruffy Pup has found a new pal in the form of a wandering hermit crab! I’ve always kinda wanted a hermit crab and after looking at reference images for them to draw one…I still do! But we have three pets in our house currently that are all much bigger than a hermit crab. (I don’t want to have to worry about one of them trying to eat it! ) It looks like Pug Pup is also on the beach near Scruffy Pup, but is kinda stuck in the sand? She’s happy with it though!

Scruffy Pup is also rockin’ that visor at the beach

This month’s timelapse was hard to pick, but I really like how the hermit crab turned out so that’s the one I’m posting! Originally, I was going to go closer to my sketch from my sketchbook and just have Scruffy Pup with the hermit crab. But the page felt too empty, and since Pug Pup didn’t make an appearance in the sea lion page, I wanted her included here! Don’t forget if you need other coloring pages besides these newest ones, you can nab them on the Coloring Pages section!

Even MORE Space Based Coloring Pages

The Space Pups, those good sibling pals of the Princess Pups, will be making another appearance soon in the comic! So they get to star in this month’s coloring pages! They made an appearance in February’s coloring pages in case you missed it and this time they’re having more spacey adventures!

In our first coloring page, the Space Pups take a sweet ride on a shooting star through space! They even pass one of their alien pals riding on a different star! Just make sure the lil’ dude eats the correct food…

Spacey siblings Moon Pup and Star Pup at it again riding a shooting star!

In the other page I created for this month, the Space Pups are hard at work in their lab! They’re digging through boxes to find just the right parts for their spaceship repairs.

What parts do the Space Pups need for their rocket? The parts that distribute snacks?

I’ve also started prep work to collect another batch of Princess Pups coloring pages into another full coloring book, where there will be extra activities, including some featuring the Space Pups! No set date yet since I’m in the early planning stages, so for now keep heading to the coloring pages section to get the latest pages and any you’ve missed!

Here’s a swell timelapse of the shooting star coloring page. I like this one so much, I’m going to see if I can color it myself and make some stickers 🙂

Flowers and Froggys to Color?!

Last month I got sidetracked from making coloring pages by strep throat! I don’t recommend it, so don’t let allergies build up irritation that allowes for strep! Instead, have your flowers in the form of…Scruffy Pup dressed up as a giant flower?

Scruffy Pup working her hardest to be the best potted flower in the garden

Meanwhile, we got enough rain to assume that frogs were comfy where I live which made me think that Pug Pup might try to have a staring contest with a frog. Or maybe she might just like to stare at one. Either way, you could color it!

Pug Pup staring in awe at a majestic froggy

If you need more coloring pages, you can always head over to the Coloring Pages section to download to your heart’s content!

This month’s timelapse of the first coloring page is below! I originally doodled the idea in my sketchbook but recreated it later in the Clip Studio.

It’s Spring, Color a Kite (And Pups!)

It’s trying to be spring! Which means if it stops being 40 degrees outside where I live, I could fly a kite! But since I also don’t have a kite, instead I drew the Princess Pups on a kite flying adventure as one of this month’s coloring pages!

Some of the pups know how to fly a kite well enough

For this month’s second coloring page, I took some of the reference art that I created for the Puppy Mech from the current storyline and cleaned it up for prime coloring fun! Last month’s coloring page using the cover art lacks the lumpy puppy mech feet because they’re behind the Princess Pups. These feet are a delight and need to be colored by you!

The Puppy Mech that Corgi Pup discovers in Mega Mech Mishap!

Be sure to visit the coloring pages section to grab these new pages and any other coloring pages you might have missed for all those windy days that would just eat your kite anyway 🙂

I also did a swell time lapse of the kite flying coloring page! You’ll see more than one color while inking here because I was trying to keep from getting lost in some separate layering I did. Sometimes I get distracted and check how far along the time lapse is as I work on it. But overall, I really like this feature of Clip Studio Pro!