Corgi Pup Coloring is Afoot!

This month, without actually intending it, there’s a happy accident of Corgi Pup being the Main Focus of new colors pages! She discovered some dinosaur bones in a recent comic, which was the inspiration for one of this month’s coloring pages. While TeaCup Pup is helping with the dig, it seems that Scruffy Pup is falling into old habits of chomping on fossil bones…

Image that links to the full size coloring page of Corgi Pup digging up a T-Rex skull. TeaCup Pup is helping with the dig. In the background, Scruffy Pup is chomping on a large fossil bone sticking out the ground.
Each pup got a fun hat to wear while on the dino dig!
The cover of When Dinosaurs Wrestled the Earth

If you’re a big dinosaur fan, this summer we released When Dinosaurs Wrestled The Earth’s second printing, which is a super fun coloring book featuring dinosaur wrestlers! The line art is by my best friend, partner, and husband James Hornsby. I had a lot of fun coloring the front and back cover art for the book. Each page features some cheeky tidbit about a particular dinosaur and their wrestling gimmick. When I noticed we were running low on our original print run, I decided to reformat the book so that each image is on a single page, which reduces bleed-through from markers. You can buy a copy here.

This month’s second coloring page that also features Corgi Pup is surfing themed! Corgi Pup seems unsure of her decision to be on a surf board (I don’t blame her – I’ve never surfed and wouldn’t know what to do!). Scruffy Pup, meanwhile, seems to know what she’s doing?

Corgi Pup looking nervous as she surfs on a large wave in the ocean. On a separate wave in the background, Scruffy Pup balances on her head while surfing. A bird flying overhead looks alarmed.
Corgi Pup is unsure of these sweet waves.

I hope you enjoy coloring this month’s pages! You can download even more coloring pages over in the coloring pages section!

Coloring pages and GeekCraft Wrap-up!

It’s time for a brand-new coloring page and this month we have Pug Pup and TeaCup Pup digging into the cookie jar! While TeaCup Pup is small enough to fit into a cookie jar, Pug Pup is happy to hang out nearby said cookie jar and just keep pluckin’ cookies from the jar with a paw.

Pug Pup and TeaCup Pup enjoy some quality cookie time!

Also, as promised earlier this month, I have a free downloadable coloring page from Princess Pups Coloring Party that I released earlier this month! This coloring page is of the cover art for the still-pretty-dang-new Princess Pups Coloring Party coloring and activity book! I added it as the first page for the new coloring book as I was really happy with how it turned out. The Pups love to color!

The Princess Pups enjoy coloring in multiple medias!

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy of the new book. you can order it on Amazon or buy a copy from me in person if you find me at an event. Like a lot of swell people did when I was a vendor at GeekCraft Expo last week, which is a super cool show for buying handmade geeky things.

The booth setup for MegaGiganto, our small biz for making comics and swell fun things.

Besides selling comics and coloring books with me and my husband’s artwork, I’ve been slowly designing and crocheting plush versions of Princess Pups and sold a TeaCup Pup to a super happy customer. I also crochet DINOSAUR WRESTLERS which were happily picked up by a lot of dinosaur fans.

A basket of crochet Princess Pups await homes near the DIY wrestling ring full of crochet dino wreslters

I pre-registered for the 2023 GeekCraft Expo as well. So if you weren’t in the St. Louis area for this year’s GeekCraft Expo, you can find me next year 🙂

“Laser Ponies: 2nd Edition” nominated for Best Family Game!

Last year, I illustrated the cover and lots of interior drawings for “Laser Ponies: 2nd Edition”. Laser Ponies is a tabletop RPG where you play as magical, happy ponies who have tons of adventures…and also can shoot lasers out of their eyes.

Doing artwork for this new edition was super fun, and now it’s been nominated for an Ennie award for Best Family Game!

If you enjoy reading Princess Pups and enjoy Table Top games, you’ll probably really enjoy Laser Ponies! It has background on the ponies, their powers, sample ponies so new players can start playing quickly, and advice for adjusting the game for younger players.

You can buy a copy of Laser Ponies as either a PDF or a lovely softcover print edition over on DriveThruRPG! And if you’ve enjoyed the game, voting for the Ennies is open now until July 24th!

A Laser Pony giving a fish peeping out of the river a flower
A happy Laser Pony giving a fish peeping out of the river a flower

Hooray! Princess Pups Coloring Party is available now!

I mentioned it some months ago, but it’s finally finished! I spent June assembling the new print edition collection of Princess Pups coloring pages, and it looks awesome!

The cover of Princess Pups Coloring Party

This printed edition collects over 30 Princess Pups coloring pages that have been published online (without the URL stamp!). Not only that, I also drew several new pages of activities. Here’s a sneak preview of two of the activity pages:

A sneak peek at one of the Spot the Different pages and a maze!

Plus, I made the cover line art available as a coloring page as well! I’ll be releasing that page on the website later this month with a new coloring page. In the meantime, if you don’t want to spend forever printing each page from the Coloring Pages section, please considering buying a copy of Princess Pups Coloring Party! I’m very proud of it and excited for you to enjoy it. 🙂