Hooray! Princess Pups Coloring Party is available now!

I mentioned it some months ago, but it’s finally finished! I spent June assembling the new print edition collection of Princess Pups coloring pages, and it looks awesome!

The cover of Princess Pups Coloring Party

This printed edition collects over 30 Princess Pups coloring pages that have been published online (without the URL stamp!). Not only that, I also drew several new pages of activities. Here’s a sneak preview of two of the activity pages:

A sneak peek at one of the Spot the Different pages and a maze!

Plus, I made the cover line art available as a coloring page as well! I’ll be releasing that page on the website later this month with a new coloring page. In the meantime, if you don’t want to spend forever printing each page from the Coloring Pages section, please considering buying a copy of Princess Pups Coloring Party! I’m very proud of it and excited for you to enjoy it. 🙂