Beach and Pizza, Please (for coloring!)

It’s almost summer! I live nowhere near a beach unfortunately, but I did get to visit one last month when I went to a good friend’s wedding. For one of this month’s coloring pages, Fluff Pup, Teacup Pup, and Pug Pup are relaxing on a cozy beach towel! As a side note: If you’re printing these, this page is linked to a rotated page so it will print the full image since this is a horizontal based image!

Three of the pups relax on a beach towel enjoying the sun! And some ice cream, in Pug Pup’s case

This month’s second coloring page is pulled from the line art from the Princess Pups storyline “Pizza Party”. My cover and the start of the story can be read right over here! I enjoyed drawing that story because sending pups to separate locations to find ingredients made for some fun locations to draw!

These and other coloring pages are filling up the Coloring Pages section of the site!