Cookie Based Coloring Fun!

The month (and year!) are almost over, but there’s still time to enjoy coloring! This month’s coloring pages are cookie themed just like the most recent comic! While Fluff Pup didn’t get a chance to decorate cookies shaped like her and the other pups, you’re able to via your favorite coloring instrument!

A coloring sheet to download and print. There's five puppy shaped cookies with various frosting and sprinkle patterns
A cookie for each pup and a pup for each cookie!

In the other coloring page I drew for this month, we have Scruffy Pup going all out with her decorating. She’s probably only going to decorate two cookies total since she seems to be using up all of the frosting. TeaCup Pup is a big aghast at this, it seems!

A coloring sheet to download and print. Scruffy Pup wears a chef's hat while squeezing frosting onto a cookie. It's a giant stack of frosting and there's a star shaped cookie nearby that also has a giant stack of frosting. Behind her, TeaCup Pup looks aghast at this amount of frosting on a cookie
Scruffy Pup putting the amount of frosting on that we all actually want on a cookie

You can print these coloring pages now and a stack of other ones from the Coloring Pages section!