Chrysalis Confusion

Corgi Pup is watching butterflies emerge! that a butterfly?....

I dunno about where you live but there's been piles of cicadas where I am and they only just now slowed down. We were literally tripping over them!


Princess Pups Official Website Is A Go!

Hello, hello, this is the official first day of the Princess Pups website! Princess Pups is an all-ages friendly comic about puppies who are princesses that like to party and have adventures.

Previously, the way to read Princess Pups was over on Tapas. The reason I did that several years ago is that I’m a front end web developer who gets very picky about how things looked. I wanted to just focus on making a good comic and I knew that if I built a website from scratch, I wouldn’t get much done on the comic.

While I still plan on posting to Tapas as a mirror site, I realized after finally putting out the first Princess Pups book in print (say that five times fast) that it made more sense for the pups to have their own cornered off section on the Internet. Using the swell Toochecke theme has been a big time saver. It also means that I can upload both desktop-friendly and mobile friendly versions of the comics.

All of the previous comics are on this site, yay! It took some time, but the full archive is available, both mobile and desktop formatted. Additionally, this site is ad-free. If you’d like to support the pups, visit the merch page to find where you can buy various Princess Pups goodies!

I’ll be adding other updates and tweaking the site in various places, be on the lookout for some coloring pages soon! 🙂