Portrait Painting

Portrait painting is quite a skill! So is being able to sit still for a portrait painting. Because you could be spending that time eating snacks, y'know?


Valentine Coloring Goodness!

Hello, hello! A recurring cold has kept from from consistently comic-ing, but here are some Valentine’s Day themed coloring pages in the meantime! TeaCup Pup flings heart-shaped candies with Fluff Pup and Pug Pup…..

TeaCup Pup loves to throw heart-shaped candies in to the air, like she just does not care.

Meanwhile, Corgi Pup and Scruffy Pup have found matching Valentine sweaters that come with heart-shaped wings?! Sweaters are better when it’s a cold Valentine’s Day!

Somehow Scruffy Pup got the smaller set of heart wings on her sweater.

Last year I had a Valentine’s Day comic that included printable Princess Pups Valentine cards, which are perfectly still printable if you happen to be short-handed on Valentine cards to give out:

You can find the latest Valentine coloring pages along with the 5 from last year over in the coloring pages section of the site!

Color Winter Coziness

It’s no longer Christmas but there’s 2 more winter coloring pages available for you! Fluff Pup wanders on snowy hillsides, which I guess doesn’t really give that much to color since snow is white?….

Fluff Pup enjoys wandering on snowy hilltops!

Meanwhile, Scruffy Pup and Corgi Pup know that when it drops below 20 degrees that having hot cocoa by a warm spot is a cozy delight! This is my personal preference, although I do enjoy being outside in the snow for approximately 30 – 45 minutes so long as I’m bundled up and the snow is packable.

Cocoa or coffee? Either way, Scruffy Pup and Corgi Pup will be toasty warm!

These two pages are stashed on the Coloring Pages along with a stack of other coloring pages to enjoy while having hot cocoa. 🙂

Christmas Coloring Coziness!

November went by really fast! Here’s some cozy Christmas Coloring Pages to make up for missing out on November coloring pages! First off is the super cute Pug Pup saying hello to a familiar reindeer!

Pug Pup loves to wave at reindeer!

I actually did a rough ballpoint pen doodle of this idea in my notebook and think it translated to a final coloring page very well!

The rough idea, drawn with a cat-faced ballpoint pen

This month’s other coloring page that’s also Christmas themed features Fluff Pup and Teacup Pup enjoying a GIANT candy cane! However, Fluff Pup is a bit taller than Teacup Pup and this throws off the balance of sharing such a large candy cane.

Teacup Pup will cling to a candy cane with great ferocity!

Head on over to the Coloring Page section to grab these and other coloring pages to occupy your holiday season! 🙂

Halloween Coloring Delight!

Brand new coloring pages for Spooky Season are here! First up is Scruffy Pup dressed as a scarecrow.

Scruffy Pup wants to be a scarecrow, but doesn’t seem to scare crows…

I have to give a shoutout to the wonderful Clip Studio Pro brush set by Ron Chan called Double Outline, which you can get on his Gumroad shop. It made drawing flannel patterns and hat details so much easier!

The other Halloweenie Themey coloring page this week features TeaCup Pup and Corgi Pup enjoying candy.

TeaCup Pup uses her wand to send candy pouring toward a Pirate Corgi Pup, arrr!

However, make sure you unwrap your candy before eating it and please don’t try to pour it all in your mouth at once! (That’s my Mom voice coming through). The costumes that TeaCup Pup and Corgi Pup are wearing are from the first Halloween comic that I drew with the pups. It’s still one of my favorite comics 🙂